Mini-Rossi rides! Valentino Rossi introduces daughter to two-wheels

And what else would Valentino Rossi and his daughter be riding… A Yamaha PW50, naturally!

Giulietta Rossi riding a PW50 motorcycle

MOTOGP legend Valentino Rossi has set the wheels in motion as he introduces his daughter to the joy of riding a motorcycle.

She may only be a year old, but when your father is one of the most famous motorcycle racers on the planet, some things in life come sooner rather than later, and Rossi shared the moment on his Instagram channel. 

It shows Giulietta riding a very trick-looking VR46-branded Yamaha PW50 around a private drive, possibly at Rossi’s home in Tavaullia. Having the MotoGP champion as a rider coach is one thing, but young Giulietta has it even better, with her dad riding ‘shotgun’ on the PW50 and filming the event over her shoulder while shouting out words of encouragement. Giulietta is the Rossi and wife Francesca Sofia Novello’s first child, who celebrated her first birthday in March this year. 

Giulietta’s early days on a motorcycle are eerily familiar to those of her father, who was introduced to riding a motorcycle at a similar age. In fact, Rossi posted an image of himself riding a motorcycle in his early years in September 2022. That image showed him riding an unknown bike at his father Graziano’s house for a ‘private test’. Even then, The Doctors distinctive riding style was already beginning to be seen, with Rossi already sliding his weight over to the inside of the bike as he takes a corner.

So, who thinks there is a third generation of racing Rossis in the making?