Inmotec unveil new MotoGP racer

New European machine seeks to take-on Japanese manufacturers

INMOTEC launched their new V4 MotoGP racer at this weekend's Valencia GP, offering prospective teams an alternative to the existing factories in next year's series.
The Inmotec has a V4 engine with variable-length intake trumpets and pneumatic valve springs. No power output was quoted, but it is “competitive with the current level,” said the spokesman. It was designed by Inmotec, in conjunction with noted Kawasaki tuner and race entrants Akira Technologies, of Bayonne in France.

The bike first ran seven months ago. Since then the  bodywork has been tested and refined in the wind tunnel. The machine has already been ridden several times by Spanish rider Ivan Silva.

The company will run the bike next year for wild card entries, but has no plans to enter racing. “We are not a racing team, but a design and manufacturing company,” said company founder Oscar Gorria.

Inmotec is seeking customers to lease or buy the machines.