Burgess: Rossi versus Doohan

MotoGP guru talks about the differences between the multi-winning championship legends

MOTOGP mechanical guru Jeremy Burgess has spoken of the differences of working with current MotoGP champ Valentino Rossi and former 500cc World Champion Mick Doohan.

Burgess, who has been instrumental in both riders' string of world titles, says that although both men are 'in a different group' to the competition, the pair have distinctly different approaches to the job.

“When a rider like Mick or Valentino strings a number of World Championships together it’s clear that they are in a different group,” said Burgess, before pinpointing the main differences between the multiple world championship-winning duo.

“Valentino is happy-go-lucky, but still very serious about his job, and enjoys it very much and he’s very skilled. Mick certainly was more intense in the box, and he was serious about what he did and achieved plenty.

“You could look at it in one sentence and say that Valentino enjoys the racing whereas Mick Doohan enjoyed the winning.”

We'd love to see Rossi taking on Doohan at MotoGP. Maybe they'll do a past masters series?

Here's hoping.