Keis Apparel launches new heated motorcycle bodywarmer

A new heated bodywarmer for motorcycle riders from Keis Apparel has been launched, featuring UltraFlex technology

Keis heated bodywarmer
Keis heated bodywarmer

Keis Apparel, the British motorcycle apparel brand, has launched a new heated bodywarmer with UltraFlex technology.

Aimed at keeping riders warm during rides in the cold winter months, the new Keis heated bodywarmer is marked as the beginning of a new generation of heated motorcycle garments from Keis.

This is because of the bodywarmer’s UltraFlex technology. The UltraFlex panels on the garment provide four-way stretch, and are therefore able to maintain a body-hugging shape on the wearer/rider.

Keis heated bodywarmer
Keis heated bodywarmer

The reason for this ‘body-hugging’ is explained by Keis in a press release. “For maximum efficiency,” Keis says, “heated clothing needs to be pressed gently against the body. Too tight and it can cause sores, too loose and it is less effective.”

Additionally, the familiar concerns around the flexibility of motorcycle mid-layers are relevant, as movement should not be restricted by these garments. This is means that the material used needs to be flexible and stretchy, but also thin, so that the combined thickness of the wearer’s upper riding gear does lead to restriction, either.

Chinlon and Spandex have been used the bodywarmer’s construction. Chinlon is a synthetic material “known for its strength and durability,” Keis says, and has moisture-wicking qualities. Spandex, of course, adds the flexibility.

The new generation bodywarmer from Keis is said to provide almost three-times the heating power of previous versions. It is designed to be connected to the battery of the motorcycle, and a relevant wiring loom is included with the product.

Available in all sizes from 2XS up to 3XL, the Keis B601RP UltraFlex Heated Bodywarmer retails for £180 (including VAT) and is currently supplied with a free Keis Power Controller, worth £38. Visit the Keis website to place your order.

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