New Givi Monolock B45+ offers functional storage for all bikes

The new Givi Monolock B45+ brings 45 litres of top box storage to a variety of motorcycles, from large tourers to small commuters

Givi Monolock B45+

Givi has launched a new motorcycle top box, with the entry level Givi Monolock B45+ offering 45 litres of storage.

Such a capacity means that, for example, two full-face helmets can be stored inside, while its straightforward, squared-off shape makes for simple functionality.

Up to 3kg of luggage can be loaded into the Monolock B45+, which Givi describes as its “entry level” option in a press release. An elastic fixture on the outside of the box allows for external luggage carrying, too. A Givi T502B inner bag can also be fitted for use inside the Monolock B45+ box.

The box itself includes a Givi Monolock grill (after which, of course, the case itself has been named by Givi), a key locking system for ensured and straightforward security, an universal attachment system for compatibility with any kind of powered two-wheeler, and a soft inner mat inside the case to prevent excessive movement of items within the box while on the move.

Further, the case’s above mentioned square shape also provides space and opportunity for a backrest, which means the Monolock B45+ also offers a potential benefit in terms of comfort.

Available only in an all-black colour choice, the Givi Monolock B45+ also features a ‘satin silver’ plastic trim; and will retail at a price of £157, with VAT included in that price.

Orders can be placed and stockists can be located on the official Givi UK website, where the whole Givi range of motorcycle products is also available to be browsed.