Dynamoto Motorcycle Stand allows movement in all directions

Dynamoto Motorcycle Stands feature innovative wheels that move forwards and backwards and side to side

Motorcycle Stands

THOSE of us with a larger than average motorcycle collection take note – a new motorcycle stand system is on the scene and it might make your life a lot easier! The Dynamoto stand features an innovative two-way wheel system, and allows forwards, backwards, and side to side movement!

The magic of the Dynamoto system comes from the design of its wheels. The wheels are circular although they are covered in small rollers allowing them to roll on both axis. Two wheels are mounted on the outside of the stand, with a single wheel mounted on the other axis at the end of the stand.

The multi-directional nature of the kit allows you to not just move the bike in pretty much any direction, it also allows you to move the bike into smaller, tighter spots within your garage. As the image above shows, slotting the bike into the space in front of your car in a crowded garage would either mean numerous Austin Powers style manoeuvres or moving the car out, parking the bike then moving the car again. On the face of it, these stands look to make that task a whole lot easier.

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One drawback of the stands – that we can see anyway – is that each bike requires a different stand to work properly and there doesn’t seem to be a universal type paddock stand. The second drawback is the price. For a set of stands to fit a Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE, you’ll be forking out an eye-watering €813 - £691!

For more information on the Dynamoto range of motorcycle stands, head to: dynamoto.pl