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Zero tease new model of electric motorcycle

The Californian firm have teased the front view of an all new platform called the SR/F

WHEN IT COMES to electric motorcycles, it’s safe to say that Zero have pretty much got it sussed. Their current line-up of naked street, adventure and supermoto styled bikes give about as much range and provide about as much enjoyment as you can get from an electric bike.

The thing is I’ve always found the styling to be a bit, dare I say it, plain. That might not be the case for much longer though, as the company have teased the front view of a new bike that looks as though it’s bringing the brand’s styling bang up to date.

Called the SR/F (there is already an SR in the range) the F features what looks like a funky LED multi section headlight that could also have a halo LED DRL around the outside of it. Along side the picture is a date, 2/25/19 which we can only assume is the date the full bike will be revealed.

We can also see the bike features a different front brake reservoir than the previous Zeros, that had J.Jaun brakes with large tank-like reservoirs. Could the more conventional setup mean Brembo or Nissin stoppers? It’s unlikely, the price point of electric bikes is a bugbear for most and saving money on things like calipers is the best way to off-set battery and motor costs. The front forks also look to be different items than the Showa items previously used in the Zero range. Again, this wouldn’t lead me to believe Ohlins are fitted, they’ll more than likely be a more budget option.

What we do know is that this isn’t just a new model, Zero state this is a whole new platform that gives the company scope to build several models from this base. The say: “More than a new model, SR/F is an entirely new platform. The SR/F provides an effortlessly powerful experience in the naked street bike category.”

There is also a link on the firm’s website that allows potential customers the option to sign up for further updates on the new model as they happen. To sign up please click here.

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