Yamaha's limited edition R1 GYTR already sold out

If you were hoping to bag a discount in the New Year sales, you're going to be disappointed...

OF COURSE for most of us, buying a £40k bike is a bit of a fantasy. But if you were harbouring dreams of picking up one of the slick Yamaha GYTR edition R1s (as shown at EICMA last year), we've got some bad news. Because the super-limited edition run of just 20 bikes has sold out. They're gone, finito, out of stock, awaiting back order, like hens' teeth, rocking-horse shit mate – pick your expression.

We tapped up Yamaha UK PR emperor Jeff Turner and asked him (obviously) when we could pick up our long term GYTR test bike. Sadly, unlike us, he wasn't suffering from a dreadful Hogmanay hangover, and efficiently responded with some PROPER INFO about the situation. "As you will know," he said, "Yamaha only intend to make 20 units of the R1 GYTR official 20th Anniversary model and as expected there were sold out in a matter of hours. We left the system open long enough to allow us to check all applicants were genuine and can now confirm sales agreements have been made for all machines."

EICMA - Yamaha T7 Tenere 700

So - it turns out there's no long-term GYTR test bike for us. And unless you're one of the 20 who've already had a confirmation email, there's no GYTR R1 for you either. Life sucks eh? In the meantime, here's some saucy pics and spec on the beastie, all the encouragement you need to get out and build yer own replica!

Brembo GP4 RX calipers and 320mm T-drive discs, plus Ohlins FGRT forks

One-off top yoke with numbered inscription, WSB switchgear

Akrapovic full titanium system, 1999 paint job, Bridgestone V02 slicks