WATCH: RMK reveal the E2 electric motorcycle

Does the film Tron spring to mind?


IT SEEMS like there are more electric motorcycle manufacturers appearing in 2019 than we have ever had before. How many of them will make it past the prototype stage and start to shift units, who knows?

Swedish startup RMK look to have a pretty good idea of how to make a cool looking electric machine, by opting for a muscular roadster with wheelrim mounted motors called the E2 – we’re not sure about the frame-rails though, they look like they’ve been borrowed from a builder’s crane!

The makers claim the batteries are good for 200-300km of ‘carefree riding’ and that the onboard charger can get the bike back up to 80% in two or three hours. RMK also state that the agricultural looking frame design enables the bike to carry a large battery and that it’s bulbous bars actually help to keep the overall weight of the bike down – around 200kg.

If the bike does make it production, it’s hoped it will have 50kW (67bhp) and 320Nm (236ft-lb) torque, hopefully, able to propel the machine to a limited top speed of 100mph. It’s claimed the rim-mounted electric motor means the un-sprung mass is comparable to a conventional setup, yet helps to reduce the rotational mass.

RMK is taking pre-orders on its site, with €2,000 reserving an example. RMK give no clue as to how much a finished E2 with cost.

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