Is the Voltu Rod 1 the ugliest bike ever built?

With a claimed 250-mile range, 150hp, and 155mph top speed, can you forgive the Voltu Rod 1 for looking like it does?

Voltu Rod 1

Rod 1 (stop laughing that is actually its name) has unveiled the latest electric motorcycle built by power storage company Voltu.

The bike is described on the firm’s website as a rolling test and development platform for the firm's Initio liquid-cooled batteries and fast charging system. The bike develops a claimed 150hp and 185ft-lb of torque, with range and recharge times that are equally impressive.

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Voltu is claiming that if used locally, Rod 1 (seriously stop laughing now!) is capable of around 250 miles, with 150 miles available for cruising – that’s more than most of the current crop of top-spec electric motorcycles.

Voltu also claims the machine can go from flat to 50% charged in as little as 15 minutes, with 30 minutes taking the battery to its optimum state of charge of 85%. When not in use the bike can also be used as a stationary battery pack when not in use – we assume that means you can do more than just charge your phone off it!

Aside from the whacky styling, the bike does have some neat features, the trellis frame, and swingarm, Brembo brakes and billet aluminum work to name but a few. That is about it though and doesn't take away from the fact that it is a bit weird looking.

Voltu isn’t a motorcycle manufacturer and instead make powertrains for trucks cars and motorcycles, as well as electrical storage devices for home and industry. Some sources on the web are claiming this bike to be hitting showrooms this year. We expect this bike is more of a showcase, providing other electric motorcycle manufacturers what they can achieve with their clever tech – not a serious assault on the e-motorcycle market.

And that’s good, because it's fuggly!