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Is Kawasaki about to launch the KLX 700 adventure motorcycle?

Reports suggest that Kawasaki is about to take on the mid-weight adventure class with the KLX 700

Kawasaki could be about to shake up the mid-weight adventure class in a big way with the launch of the KLX 700 adventure motorcycle.

With Kawasaki’s last true-adventure machine, the KLR 650, being discontinued a few years back, the Kawasaki line-up has been distinctly lacking in what is probably the most hotly contest global motorcycle segment.

That could be about to change though, as these pictures show us what the Japanese factory's new breed of adventure bike could look like.

As it is the Kawasaki range only really features adventure bikes in name only, with machines like the Versys-X 300, Versys 650 and Versys 1000 leaning more to the road-touring side of the adventure bike marketplace. If these images turn out to be true though, the mid-weight ADV sector could be about to get a very welcome shot in the on from Team Green.

The styling OmniMoto have gone with in their renderings is leaning towards that of Kawasaki’s smallest adventure touring machine, with the feel of the Versys-X 300 running throughout. They also include two different variants, one using the frame from the KX450 motocross bike (silver frame) and the other looking like a more conventional item borrowed from the Versys 650.

Of the two, the Versys platform would make the most sense; it already has the long-legged, full-sized bike silhouette and carries an engine that would require minimal redesigning to get it to the required 700cc capacity.

In our mind, another mid-weight adventure bike in the mix is no bad thing. We’ve just come back from riding the launch of the new Triumph Tiger GT Pro and Rally Pro, and we couldn’t imagine hitting the dirt comfortably on anything bigger.

Dear Kawasaki,

Please build this.

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Kaw is pretty late to the party. BMW, KTM, Yamaha and Suzuki all have products in this niche. And to think they had all the parts laying around for so long.

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