Turbo-charged Yamaha MT revealed in patents and pictures

A Yamaha MT has been revealed with an 847cc triple engine, MT-10 chassis, and forced induction

Yamaha Turbo MT motorcycle

YAMAHA is looking ahead with a possible forced induction model that could, much further down the line, replace the current MT-10.

The bike shown is being reported by multiple sources to be an 847cc triple that has been donated from the previous generation MT-09. The engine is not identical though, with Motociclismo claiming this powerplant has a smaller bore and slightly longer stroke – 73mm stroke and 67.5mm bore.

Yamaha MT-10 video review

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The longer stroke should go some way to shifting the window of performance away from a peaky top-end and towards a torquier delivery. That said, the claims being made about the output of the engine are no less substantial, with a claimed 180bhp at 8,500rpm and 130lb-ft at, with 90 percent of the torque available from 3,000rpm and up!

The patents that accompany the images also paint a high-tech picture of the bike, with variable valve timing and direct injection both making and appearance. The variable valve timing is present on both the inlet and exhaust valves and is being credited with helping the unit to achieve 30 percent lower emissions than a comparable non-turbo engine. The direct injection is tech that is just on the cusp of finding its way onto production engines, with Honda and Kawasaki both working on similar systems.

The benefit is that the injectors squirt the fuel directly into the combustion chamber just at the moment before the spark plug ignites. The bonuses is that the air/fuel mixture is burnt more efficiently and completely, with a more accurate amount of fuel being used for each combustion event.

The rest of the bike makes it hard to distinguish this machine from the MT-10 that much of it is based on. Really the only clue is the large cowling mounted on the left side of the bike. It seems to be shrouding much of the plumbing away from view and also helping to channel air into the intercooler that helps to boost the power and torque numbers.

While these images clearly show an MT-10 styled naked with an almost all-new engine, we don’t think fans of the 1,000cc naked should be too worried just yet. The chances of the MT-10 being replaced immediately by this machine are slim. It’s more likely that the engine is the focal point here, the fact it is slotted into an MT-10 chassis is merely more about finding a frame and suspension set-up that can cope with the power and torque.