Is the Suzuki Hayabusa making a comeback in 2020?

A recent patent has been filed by Suzuki Motorcycles suggesting that the Hayabusa could be making a dramtic return; But when?  

Hayabusa logo

Suzuki in keeping with their habit of reviving previously manufactured motorcycles (like the Katana) could be bringing back the Hayabusa after ceasing the sale of it last year. Current R&D development and patent activity at the firm suggest the high-speed 'Busa' - aptly names after a Japanese bird of prey - could be once more blessing the streets with its presence.  

At the beginning of 2019, Suzuki filed a patent for a more eco-friendly exhaust system, which was attached to a heavily-modified version of the Hayabusa motor. Now a second patent has been filed which specifically relates to a gearbox position sensor. Exciting stuff… 

But, the banal gearbox sensor isn’t what’s interesting, instead, it’s what the patent images filed on the 22nd of August reveal about the next Busa's development. Firstly, the images from the start of the year and now both show a lightweight alloy beam frame, which will hopefully make 17-year-old Busa competitive in the sharper and more agile 2020 sportsbike market. The engine seems to share the same bottom end as the previous model but in order to comply with Euro 5 emissions standards - and ever-growing inter-manufacturerer power battles - the engines top end has revised cylinders and a different head shape. In short, expect more power and bigger capacity than the original 1340cc inline-four. 

The keep the more powerful bike in check it will almost certainly feature IMU controlled electronics.

Also, the first patent image showed an electronically-controlled semi-automatic transmission, but the second patent does not and it states there's a foot-operated gear lever and hand-operated clutch. So, chances are if the bike makes it to production there'll be two variants. One manual and one auto - simular to Honda’s DCT models but Suzuki’s own less discrete version.

Suzuki, the comeback king, isn’t down and out just yet as they continue to refine and develop old/new motorcycles. But when will the new Hayabusa be and thing? 2020? 2021? Never?

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