Australia’s Fonzarelli reveals flagship electric motorbike, the NKD

Australian e-scooter motorcycling manufacturer Fonzarelli grows to include the Fonzarelli NKD, a mini-moto electric bike with a retro finish

Fonzarelli NKD

Australian manufacturer Fonzarelli has revealed its new electric-powered NKD motorbike, it’s first offering outside of the e-scooter market.

Based in New South Wales and South Australia, Fonzarelli – or Fonz as it is colloquially known – is one of the industry’s more notable start-ups motivated by the impending shift towards e-technology, developing a trio of electric moped-style scooters over the past ten years; the FZ, S1 and X1.

However, this latest offering sees ‘Fonz’ ambitiously craft a stripped back mini-moto in the naked style – hence the NKD name – which aims to make more of a stylistic feature of its electric powertrain in a modern retro way.

It’s certainly an eye-catching creation, offering more aggressive looks than Fonzarelli’s scooter ranges and being unashamed about the way it presents its rather dominant bluff powertrain. 

Intended to offer the mobility and agility of a moped in a trendier package, the Fonzarelli NKD is available in two trims – Entry and Special Edition. 

The Entry offers a range of 60km and a top speed of 80km/h (50mph), while the Special Edition can travel 120km with a top speed of 62mph.

Prices start at $9,990AUS and rise to $14,990AUS (£5,500 - £8,200)

Fonzarelli NKD Technical Specification

POWERElectric, automatic transmission. Entry 1.65 kWh. / Special Edition 3.5kWh
MAX RANGE Entry 60 KMS / Special Edition 120KMS
MAX SPEED Entry 80 KM/H / Special Edition 100 KM/H
MOTOR9.6kW, 56 Nm, 6000 RPM
CHARGINGPortable Charger and optional onboard charging in EV Charge infrastructure

Whether it requires a Fonz-style thwack to get it going remains to be seen…