Street legal BMW HP4 Race anyone?

A video found on Reddit seems to show a BMW HP4 Race with road-legal lights, licence plate and mirrors?

Street legal BMW HP4 Race anyone?

We're not sure whether to belive our eyes here but, here is a video that purports to show a road-legal (in Germany at least) BMW HP4 Race. The carbon framed beauty has a small, LED light mounted in the middle of the central air intake, and a rear number plate hanger - that's been rather nastily tacked onto the swingarm.

To see the post on Reddit, click here.

The 'Street Legal Kit' includes:

  • Integrated headlight
  • Rear mirrors - bar end
  • Side stand
  • Licence plate holder
  • Rear indicators - brake light - tail light
  • Radiator fan
  • Immobiliser
  • Keyless ignition
  • Horn
  • Additional wiring loom
  • Road legal exhaust
  • Road ECU
  • Modified dash
  • Road tyres
  • lateral reflectors

Sadly there is no mention of the name of the company that's converted the machine and internet searches are so far fruitless - if you know who they are, please send them our way!!