Sondors Metacycle - another new electric motorcycle on the market

Another state-of-the-art electric motorcycle manufacturer wants a piece of the pie - they're from America.

Sondors Metacycle electric motorcycle
Sondors Metacycle electric motorcycle

SONDORS motorcycles have unveiled their Metacycle, and after creating a buzz with their release info, it’s due to charge out of showrooms in the US later on in 2021. 

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Known mainly for their e-bikes, Sondors have shown us what they plan on bringing to the electric motorcycle market in late 2021 - a trendy looking electric motorcycle called the Metacycle. The first thing you’ll notice is that there’s a massive hole in the middle of the bike which makes it look a bit like a BMX, but that does mean it’s incredibly lightweight - just 200 pounds, or around 90kg, thanks to a lightweight aluminium frame (and massive hole in the middle). 

Sondors Metacycle specs

Sondors Metacycle rear hub
Sondors Metacycle rear hub

Depending on the motorcycle rider sized lump you put on it, the centre of gravity is going to be on the floor of this thing - with upside down forks featuring rebound and compression adjustment, and an exposed mono rear shock. Gadgets are guaranteed with the crisp looking dash.

All things considered, an extremely lightweight electric motorcycle has quite a few appealing characteristics. The Metacycle is powered by a 14.5kW PMAC rear wheel hub motor kicks out 72kW of power, which produces an equivalent of around 20bhp and 8kW of torque, with a 4000 watt hour battery that can be charged within 4 hours from a plug, with a larger charger optional. Top speed is noted at around 80mph, and the battery should last for 80 miles - convenient.

Colourway options are just as snazzy - ‘Supermassive’ (black), ‘Arctic’ (white), ‘Naked Silver’ (yes, silver).

Electric motorcycles always have gadgets

Sondors Metacycle Gadget box
Sondors Metacycle Gadget box

A really handy looking feature is the clear-covered lid where you’d otherwise expect to find a fuel tank, which is a clever little place to store your phone and still view the screen - so navigation screens can still be viewed with your device safely locked away. There’s a wireless charging pad in there as well! 

A lot can be said about the number of electric motorcycles that seem to be popping up left right and centre, hoping to be the next Tesla of the industry - but the Sondors Metacycle seems to be making the right noises (or in fact, no noises as it's electric).

They know that there’s a market for people looking for the flashiest motorcycle in town, and it’s a new wave of transport that’s inevitably guaranteed to be a mainstay in the world coming soon. 

It’s $5,000 in the US, so at this second: £3,673.62

Will we see the Sondors Metacycle in the UK? Or is this going to remain an American beauty? It’s not listed on their European store just yet, only their folding bicycle.

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