Refreshed 2021 Aprilia RSV4 - Full specs, pictures and details

Aprilia reveals the 2021 Aprilai RSV4 1100 and RSV4 1100 Factory boasting updated styling, new colours and MotoGP-inspired tech tweaks 

2021 Aprilia RSV4 Factory

APRILIA has had a busy start to the year with the unveiling of the new 660 Tuono and spy shots of the Tuareg ADV emerging, but it isn't neglecting the flagships of its range either with a refresh for the 1100cc RSV4 sportsbike and the Tuono naked.

Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory REVIEW

Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory 2019 Review

Aprilia RSV4 2021 Updates

Aprilia has re-worked its RSV4 & RSV4 Factory to include a host of new design features, engine updates and electronic improvements. Using its RS-GP MotoGP platform as a point of reference for the latest superbike, the RSV4 motor pumps out 214bhp - which, despite new Euro 5 regulations, also gains a torque increase courtesy of a 22cc increase in engine size to a 1099cc total.

Aprilia has also included a new exhaust system, a refreshed electronics package and new Marelli  11MP ECU. The electronics refresh is intended to improve rider usability, and should be much more intuitive - so you can make use of the new, larger TFT screen to quickly pick one of the 6 riding modes, for optimal ridings settings for that moment (it’s split between 3 track modes and 3 road modes, of which you have 2 customisable on track and 1 customisable for road). There’s also a new six-axis inertial platform, with refined APRC operating logic and electronic management capping off the electronics package that should absolutely impress.

The underslung swingarm is also a new feature borrowed from MotoGP, while the RS-GP parts bin has been raided for ideas on a reinforced lower brace for reduced flex, but is in fact lighter than the previous model - aiming to increase stability of the rear end of the bike under acceleration with lower mass.

Aprilia have also made improvements to the riding position, achieved by introducing an entirely new saddle and redesigning the fuel tank for a new natural and relaxed riding position. Moto GP influence is in abundance, winglets have now been incorporated in to the fairing, also a style feature you may recognise from the RS660 - alongside the total aerodynamic focus to reduce drag and increase downforce at speed. This aero work also claims to divert hot air coming from the engine around the rider.

The triple LED lighting setup will now include an active cornering light, which will activate and illuminate the inside of a corner, increasing your visibility in a corner - something they wildly claim is a “bending light” function. Perhaps not the scientific term, but we admire their aspirations.

Opt for the RSV4 Factory, and you’ll also bundle in forged aluminium rims, semi-active Öhlins Smart EC 2.0 Suspension system, and top of the range Brembo Stylema brake callipers. The RSV4 factory will also receive two colour options, Aprilia Black and Lava Red - whilst the RSV4 standard is available in Dark Losail.

As of yet, there is no confirmation on price or the availability of these models from Aprilia, but this should follow fairly soon.