Pint-sized Suzuki GSX-R125 and GSX-S125 tweaked for 2023

The Suzuki GSX-R125 and sister GSX-S125 roadster are given a minor nip-and-tuck for 2022 as they are brought into line with Euro5 emissions standards

Suzuki GSX-R125

While it remains unclear whether the iconic ‘GSX-R’ nameplate is coming towards its expiry in 1000cc guise at least, the smallest of Suzuki’s ‘Gixxer’ motorcycles - the GSX-R125 - has been given a fresh lease of life by becoming Euro5 compliant.

Of all the models to wear the hallowed name through the decades, it is the pint-size, affordable GSX-R125 that has - unsurprisingly - gone on to become Suzuki’s most popular sportsbike in terms of sales globally.

As a result, it could well be the last one standing - with exception to the Hayabusa, or GSX-R1400 - in Europe as the current generation GSX-R1000 nears a deadline to meet Euro5 emissions compliance before the end of the year with no updates or all-new replacement seemingly on the horizon.

Nevertheless, both the GSX-R125 and sister GSX-S125 naked will continue on after an update under the skin earned it a stay of execution as it attempts to ward off the threat of newer rivals, such as the Yamaha MT-125, Yamaha MT-03 and KTM RC125. 

Tweaks under the skin see the 124cc engine still pumping out 15bhp but do so in a cleaner fashion, with both models now set to be listed as Euro5 compliant themselves.

Elsewhere, you’d need a microscope to spot other changes, but that means you still have a handsome looking small sportsbike - arguably more attractive than the more awkward looking GSX-R1000 - with LED headlights, digital instrument display and Suzuki Easy Start System.

The continuation of Suzuki’s sportier line had been called into question by the news it will shutter its motorsport programme at the end of the season, pulling out of MotoGP and the Endurance World Championship, two series’ it was crowned world champions in 2020 (and again in EWC in 2021).

Meanwhile, the Suzuki GSX-600 - which was discontinued in 2018 - lives on in the United States, together with the GSX-750.