New Honda CB350 RS expected to arrive tomorrow with new tech and styling

Honda is expected to be revealing a new and updated version of the CB350 H’Ness tomorrow, with the RS offering a higher-spec and sportier option

CB350 Scrambler

HONDA is set to unveil its second bike in the CB350 range, as an RS model is expected to be joining the H’Ness that was launched last year.

The specific details of the new bike are, as yet, unknown, although the teaser image that accompanies the Honda social media post does give us some clues.

Honda X-ADV 2021 Specs

Honda X-ADV 2021 Specs

Firstly, the bike is not the retro homage that the first bikes was, quite the opposite in fact. The new CB350 RS which is its rumoured name looks like a much more modern and minimalist take on the retro single cylinder.

The bike features blacked out fittings and bodywork, with a much sleeker and more modern rear mudguard arrangement than the original. It also includes a more up to date rear light arrangement that sees the LED unit embedded into the hoop of the rear subframe.

Some are also reporting the RS to be more of a scrambler style bike, something that seems to be back up in the teaser image above. The tyres on the new bike seem to be a kind of dual-purpose hoop, with deeper tread and grooves than the standard CB350’s.

As with the base model CB350, the new RS is likely to include a host of high-tech inclusions like Bluetooth connectivity, Honda Selectable Torque Control (traction control), and possibly an updated dash.

It is also likely to set itself apart from the stock bike with updated graphics and some are reporting that the badging will also reflect the new model’s trendier connotations.

For the full confirmation though, we won’t have to wait long – Honda India is going to be pulling the wraps off the new bike tomorrow, and will be paying close attention!