Limited edition Ducati Desert Sled Fasthouse announced

Ducati has announced a new model from the Land of Joy, as the Desert Sled Fasthouse is announced

Desert Sled Fasthouse
Desert Sled Fasthouse

DUCATI has added a new model to the Scrambler family, as the Desert Sled Fasthouse limited edition is launched for 2021.

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Can a new Panigale-sourced engine and a host of innovative new technology make the sports-tourer-adventurer Ducati Multistrada V4 the master of all trades?


The bike is in celebration of Ducati and the hip fashion brand Fasthouse taking victory in the Hooligan class of the Mint 400 desert race. Riding the highly modified machine in the race was experienced off-road rider Jordan Graham, and while we were excited to see what the new bike had got up its sleeve, it quickly dawned on us that there hasn’t been that much done it.

Desert Sled Fasthouse
Desert Sled Fasthouse

Distinguishing the bike from a stock Desert Sled is a bespoke paint job that is said to perfectly replicate that of the racer used in the Mint 400. It also features a plate bearing the series number of the machine and only 800 will be built.

The seat is also said to be new, giving the Fasthouse a tweaked riding position, and it features a handy non-slip covering – great for those ‘code brown’ moments.

Desert Sled Fasthouse
Desert Sled Fasthouse

And, well, that’s about it from what we can see. The suspension, engine, brakes, frame, and pretty much everything else are all as per the stock and standard machine.

Well, there actually might be a little bit more to it than that. Obviously, Fasthouse wasn’t going to let this one roll out of the door without them getting their bite of the pie. So, joining the bike is, what Ducati and Fasthouse are calling a ‘Capsule Collection’. It’s chock full of funky threads and theirs more tartan lining than you could shake hipster at.

Limited edition Ducati Desert Sled Fasthouse reveal video



The new Ducati Desert Sled Fasthouse is set to cost £10,295, so it is actually only around £300 more than the stock bike. That’s not bad value for a limited edition and numbered machine.

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