KYMCO RevoNEX production confirmed takes place in Italy

The KYMCO RevoNEX electric roadster looks set to hit the road in the coming years, as production is confirmed as taking place in Italy

Kymco RevoNEX

IT’S no secret that KYMCO is one manufacturer that is taking the race to electrification very seriously indeed. First, we had the SuperNEX sports bike, now sadly looking like it is no more, then the iONEX charging system, and the recent announcement of the F9 electric scooter.

Now it seems that the firm is dead-set on releasing the RevoNEX electric naked machine we first saw at EICMA 2019 – and production has been confirmed as taking place in Italy.

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The move makes total sense for the firm, as Europe is the target market for the high-end electric machine, with production logistics helping to seal the deal. The cost of transporting the kind of high-powered Lithium-ion batteries the bike uses can be extremely high. Basing the production of the bike in Italy should massively reduce that overhead.

The news was confirmed by Ke Shengfeng, the chairman of KYMCO’s parent company Gwangyang Group in a statement.

“RevoNEX has gained worldwide attention since its launch. We continue to use the latest technologies and innovations in creating RevoNEX as a new generation of electric motorcycles that consumers will want to acquire. I am therefore very happy to announce that the mass production of RevoNEX will be carried out for the first time in a planned unit in Europe, making it the first international electrical product to be produced under the Taiwanese brand “Made in Italy” by Kymco.”

While the statement confirms the production location, it sadly doesn’t confirm the date the bike will start being built, although it is reassuring to know that this bike isn’t following the SuperNEX, and never seeing the light of day.