Kawasaki Ninja H2 coated in ‘pure silver’

We knew there was something weird about that high-reflective finish

HERE'S Kawasaki’s latest promo video for the Ninja H2, which says the ‘silver-mirror’ paintwork is created by ‘inducing a chemical reaction that forms a layer of pure silver’.

Yes, we’re puzzled too. It’s all beginning to feel a bit like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Next they’ll be saying we can eat it. 

The paintwork has already been seen on the track-only H2R which was unveiled at Intermot show in Cologne last month; and judging by Kawasaki's 12th teaser where they officially revealed the road-going H2, it looks as though both bikes will share the same 'silver-mirror' finish.

Kawasaki will officially unveil the road-legal Ninja H2 at EICMA motorcycle show in Milan on 4 November.

Both bikes will make their UK debut at Motorcycle Live next month - the show will be held at Birmingham's NEC from November 22-30.