Road-legal Kawasaki Ninja H2 revealed

This time it’s official (and not a rendering)

KAWASAKI has just officially revealed the first image of road-legal Ninja H2 in its 12th teaser video for the new model.

The video shows two versions of the bike, the track-only Ninja H2R that was officially revealed last Tuesday and another one with what looks like a rear mudguard, number plater hanger, indicators and stacked twin silencers.

Visordown reported on the same video two days ago when it appeared on YouTube but not on Kawasaki’s official channel. We now know, as we suspected, that it was a leaked official Kawasaki video.

The H2R is introduced with the word 'Track' on screen and the second bike with the word 'Street', leaving little doubt that we're looking at the road-legal Ninja H2.

The road-going Ninja H2 also has different shaped fairing, screen and down-pipes to the H2R's. It's understood to make 200hp while the H2R makes 296hp. 

The video ends by telling us the H2 will be unveiled to the public at the Milan motorcycle show on November 4.

According to Kawasaki sources only 15 street-legal H2s will reach UK shores at a cost of roughly £25,000.

Both bikes will be available in March, with only 10 ‘R’ models coming to the UK priced at around £50,000.