Harley-Davidson Pan America spotted – it’s real!

A video posted on YouTube seems to show Harley-Davidson’s latest foray into the Adventure bike sector with the new Pan America

Harley-Davidson Pan America

WE’VE known about the Harley-Davidson Pan America for some time but have only really had the polished PR photos or some grainy patent drawing to go by – and they aren’t very juicy, are they?!

Until today that is as a video posted to Harley-Davidson Novosibirsk’s YouTube page just yesterday shows us the curious-looking adventure machine in all its glory!

The bike featured in the video, although it is tagged as a styling prototype, seems to share closely the details of the original PR shots we have already shared on Visordown, with the oddly square nose and cyclops headlight still in full effect. Interestingly it looks to be a fully working and rideable model – on the outside at least.

Here’s what we know about the machine so far:

The engine is an all-new modular, with a 1250cc capacity, DOHC heads, and what looks like a 60° V-angle. Harley's looking to make this engine in capacities from 500-1250cc, and with a choice of two transmissions too, which could suggest a possible shaft final drive as well as the belt drive shown on some prototypes. It could even mean there's a H-D auto box on the way.

The running gear is also bang up to date, with USD front forks, Brembo brakes, and a cast alloy rear swingarm. It's hard to tell exactly what the final drive is from the released pics so far - but it could well feature a proper chain drive too.

As Harley-Davidson has been touting a plethora of new models in recent months, it’s a safe bet that some of the other new metal from Milwaukee will also be on display soon – we’ll be keeping tabs on this YouTube page for you and will bring you any further updates as we have them.

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