New Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 adventure tourer

H-D has big plans for the future it seems - and a new adventure bike on the way.

THIS IS just coming in and we'll have more on it as soon as we can - but Harley-Davidson is making a big push for growth, with a stack of new, smaller bikes on the way, and confirmation of its Livewire electric bike project.

The most interesting thing in their release might be this though. A prototype of a new Harley adventure tourer, dubbed the Pan America. It's the first Harley-powered adventure machine since the unloved Buell Ulysses, and will hopefully be a stack better than that...

Here's a pic of the prototype - and it looks like a proper job indeed. The engine is an all-new modular, with a 1250cc capacity, DOHC heads, and what looks like a 60° V-angle. Harley's looking to make this engine in capacities from 500-1250cc, and with a choice of two transmissions too, which could suggest a possible shaft final drive as well as the belt drive shown on some prototypes. It could even mean there's a H-D autobox on the way.

The running gear is also bang up to date, with USD front forks, Brembo brakes and a cast alloy rear swingarm. It's hard to tell exactly what the final drive is from the released pics so far - but it could well feature a proper chain drive too. Woo!

If it didn't have the Bar and Shield logo on the side, you could well mistake it for a new Aprilia Capo Nord, or maybe even a stripped-down Ducati Multistrada. That is A Good Thing if you're not sure. 

We'll be posting more on Harley's announcements as we get it..

Harley-Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight | Visordown Road Test


Wow that has to be the ugliest face of any Motorcycle I have ever seen. Please Harley, change it before you try to sell it.

Well I agree that it's pretty hideous as is, but have you ever seen the Morbidelli V8? At least HD has finally woken up to it being the 21st century and that they couldn't keep selling the same bike forever. Good luck to them, but I wouldn't swap my Triumph Explorer for this ugly pig just yet. I think all of their new concept bikes are hideous, so maybe time to think about employing some new designers?

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