Harley-Davidson files for new lightning bolt logo trademark

The new Harley-Davidson logo shows a ring with a lightning bolt running through the centre


AS the Harley-Davidson new model roadshow rolls on, we’ve become quite used to seeing new models flying at us from our screens.  The company is ringing in the changes as it looks to move away from the old-school and into, what they hope is, a bright new future.

One thing we haven’t seen much from the Milwaukee brand though is new branding, logos or badges, until now.

The new European trademark features the words ‘Harley-Davidson’ emblazoned on a ring with a retro lightning bolt running through the centre of it. As is the way, there is sadly no accompanying text on the EUIPO filing, meaning we can only speculate as to what the new logo could lend itself to.

While a retro T-shirt with the bolt logo on it seems like a natural fit, and clothing and apparel are a huge part of the H-D business model, we think the logo is probably destined for one of the many electric bikes that the company has in the pipeline.

With a raft of new bike coming in, Harley seems to have as many electric models as they do petrol-powered ones. With the LiveWire that we rode back in December to the plethora of on and off-road bikes, the firm has been teasing since the beginning of last year. If one thing is for sure, Harley-Davidson definitely see a future in electric motorcycles.

What do you think to Harley-Davidson's move into the electric motorcycle arena? Should they look to future tech, or stick to what they know?