The Harley-Davidson electric scooter will definitely look like this

Patent filings reveal the incoming Harley-Davidson electric scooter urban commuter bike will look almost exactly like this...

Harley-Davidson Urban Commuter Scooter

Having been met with a relatively positive – if somewhat lukewarm - response to the new LiveWire electric sportsbike, Harley-Davidson is now driving ahead in phase two of its More Roads to Harley-Davidson product plan by launching this electric scooter.

Previewed by this design study which melds the ideals of a scooter with the minimalism of a pedal-bike, the lightweight EV concept is dubbed as an ‘urban commuter’ designed to easily mobilise using electric technology.

Though things have been relatively quiet on the electric front at Harley-Davidson as the pre-launch veneer of the LiveWire fades and H-D turns its attentions to more traditional fuel-powered models like the Bronx and PanAmerica, these patent filings show that plans to bring this ‘Urban Commuter’ to market are well along the way.

The filing - which was made to the European union Intellectual Property Office – suggests Harley-Davidson has no plans to deviate far from the prototype it has already revealed, though in ‘text book’ form it does emphasise just how stripped back this ‘motorcycle’ is.

The filings also provide a closer look at the battery and while it doesn’t give away any numerical details, the handles and runners suggest it will be a removeable battery to assist for more convenient portable charging.

Harley-Davidson ups the tempo to grow the brand

It’s been a tough few years for Harley-Davidson in the sales charts but as a brand it remains strong and valuable.

There is also little faulting its sheer ambition to refresh H-D’s image as a future-forward innovator in the industry, even if it hasn’t exactly been an easy sell to existing or even new customers thus far

While the LiveWire is certainly the oddball of the current Harley-Davidson range, upcoming models that demonstrate the American firm’s desire to tackle new markets – such as the aforementioned Bronx and PanAmerica – will make the diversification appear less jarring.

Indeed, the LiveWire is just one of several EV models that H-D is targeting at a specific younger, more socially-conscious generation. The same goes for the Urban Commuter ‘accessory’ – it’s essentially the iWatch to an Apple iPhone.

With balance bikes and eBicycles also under the same umbrella, we’re personally quite enticed by the look of the as-yet-unnamed Mid-Power motorcycle, which rocks XR750 looks with an EV heart.