GG - Rocket Street Yamaha R3 Body Kit

Is this the best looking Yamaha R3 ever?

GG Rocket Street Yamaha R3

LET’S TALK ABOUT modern day A2 licence friendly sportsbikes. They’re cheap, accessible and fun to ride but all of them seem to be styled to entice the younger rider into the dealership.

And the thing is not all A2 licence riders are 21-year-olds with a testosterone-laden bloodstream. Some are an older, more mature customer who craves a ride that’s a bit more classy.

If that sounds like you then GG Retrofitz might just have the bike for you in the form of the GG-Rocket Street kit for Yamaha’s entry-level A2 licence friendly sportsbike. The kit transforms your average, run of the mill R3 into a 1960’s style street racer which, from a distance looks to resemble BMW’s RnineT Racer. We think the bike cuts a cool silhouette with a compact and neat fairing, single headlight and tidy, pinched single seat.

The kit, which comes in at $1,198 (about £950), is a straight swap for the original bodywork, handlebars and lights. It also includes relocation brackets for the fairing and headlight and even a wiring adapter which means a retro-friendly H4 bulb can be used. It uses the same rear-light as the standard bike and is completed by a low-level screen.


There are four versions available, plain white, Podium, Palmae and Habitat with the last three coming in at $258 (£200).

So, if you’re looking to spruce up you R3, or if you are after an A2 licence friendly bike that sticks out from the crowd, this could be the answer.

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The GG-Rocket Street-R3 kit comes complete with:

  • Zero Gravity Windscreen. We use the Zero Gravity part #20-520-01 originally for Yamaha FZR 600 89-90/93-99.
  • Meter Relocation Bracket
  • Adjustable Headlight Bracket (Will fit a universal round 7-inch headlight.)
  • Windscreen Support Bracket
  • Front Cowl
  • Left Side Fairing
  • Right Side Fairing
  • Lower Cowl
  • Fuel Tank Cover
  • Tail Cowl
  • Body Mounting hardware
  • Weight: 13 lbs, Weight Savings: 8.8 lbs

Note: A headlight is not included. Many 7” round motorcycle headlights will fit into the GG Fairing. GG Retrofitz also offers a wiring adapter to plug into the standard harness allowing the use of an H4 bulb socket. Graphics kits are sold separately.

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