First Look: AC Schnitzer K1300S

Refined big-bore BMW gets the treatment from German tuning specialists

BLIMEY - it might not look all that different to the standard version, but according to top German tuning company AC Schnitzer this is what the new BMW K1300S should be like.

The company's version of the new mile-munching superbike gets a revised riding position with the handlebars raised and pulled back so that they're closer to the rider - to take weight off the lower arms, larger mirrors for better visibility, forged wheels which are eight kilos lighter than the stock items to speed up steering, a 'stealth' muffler and improved fueling and injection programmes for more acceleration.

So a more comfortable, easier to ride, quicker and smoother bike then. Makes you wonder why BMW didn't just do that from the start, doesn't it?

The parts can be ordered individually from Schnitzer directly. For more details go to: