This electric Royal Enfield Bullet takes it back to the future

The Royal Enfield Bullet Photon makes around 16bhp and can go for up to 80 miles before needing a charge

Royal Enfield Photon

ROYAL ENFIELD may be world-renowned for making back to basics motorcycles, the kind that eschews the trappings of the modern motorcycle world. But that didn’t stop one company from bringing their iconic Bullet kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

The bike is called the Royal Enfield Photon and, yes, it starts its life as a Bullet 500. What happens then is thanks to UK-based Electric Classic Cars, a company more used to kitting out classics from MG and Ferrari with electric powertrains and batteries.

They completely gut the single-cylinder Bullet, removing all the internal combustion-related parts and paraphernalia. In their place, they slot the electric motor, speed controller and recharging hardware from the Zero S electric motorcycle. The whole lot is mated up to a 10kWh battery, slightly smaller than the one found in the Zero S.

Given that the internals of the bike is so closely matched to the Zero, it’s pretty easy to work out the performance specs with 80 miles or so range, 16bhp and 100mph being the headline figures.

And the price for this retro-styled steam-punk roadster… are you sat down? £20,000 is the asking price. So, a £5k Royal Enfield plus an £8k (second hand) Zero S equates to the new Royal Enfield Photon, a mind-boggling £20. Makes the Harley-Davidson Livewire seem like a decent buy.

I guess my only real question is, why?

For more information on the model, head to the website here. Or punch yourself in the face a couple of times and just buy the Enfield Interceptor 650. Personally, I’d go for choice B.