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2020 Benelli BN600i revealed

The next mid-weight naked from Benelli has been unveiled in what looks like fully completed form

THE Benelli TNT 600i that was unveiled at EICMA last year may not be an official model for European launch, but could this new bike, the BN600i be destined for these shores?

The changes between the two bikes may be small, but they seem to point to this latest machine being capable of passing Euro5 compliance and eventually making it into dealers across Europe and the UK.

The first change is the addition of the swingarm-mounted over rider and number plate hanger, a specific requirement for certain bikes to make sale in the UK but not one that is needed for the Asian market.

The second change is the exhaust system, which on the previous, Asia-only TNT 600i (the white bike above) was a dual under-seat job, with a four-into-one manifold. The bike that looks to be Europe-bound has a large, underslung exhaust, doing away with the funky under-seat pipes.

While the under-seat pipes may look slinky, they do limit the ability to fit a catalytic converter to the model, whereas the large underslung exhaust can contain the collector box, catalytic converter and silencer in a smaller and neater package – not to mention helping to centralise the mass of the bike improving handling.

Aesthetically, the new bike also features a different shaped fuel tank and side panels, possibly pointing to revised intake and air-box design. It’s the kind of thing a manufacturer would need to rethink to get around the EU’s more stringent emissions regulations.

Finally, the new bike looks to be utilising full LED headlights and is fitted with what is reported to be a fully TFT dash.

Could this finally be the mid-weight naked from Benelli we’ve been waiting for?


This looks good, The new 600i should be made available in more colour options. However Benelli should also update the TNT 300 as it is one of the best bikes under 3 lakhs the TNT 300 needs an design update with some new features.

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