Harley-Davidson LiveWire review Visordown

As it’s one of the most talked-about bikes of 2019 and 2020, Visordown couldn’t miss the chance to ride Harley-Davidson’s new electric LiveWire in Barcelona

Harley-Davidson LiveWire review Visordown

THE LiveWire by Harley-Davidson is an audacious push to both gain new, younger and more image-conscious motorcyclists and kickstart the company's shift to the green energy revolution.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire video review

It’s also one of the most talked-about motorcycles of the year, splitting opinion with almost every social media post and review. With that in mind, Visordown couldn’t miss the chance to ride the new machine at press introduction event in the hills above Barcelona.

The LiveWire is an all-new, full-electric model, with zero crossover to any other bike in the H-D range. The focus for the machine is on making a premium electric motorcycle, that still has the soul of a Harley-Davidson. So, it was interesting for me to learn on the ride that the LiveWire is extremely un-Harley like in a couple of ways! First off, it devours corners with the ferocity and finesse you’d not normally attribute to a bike from the Milwaukee-based brand. It’s quick to turn, exceptionally well balanced and can carry extremely good levels of corner speed, despite it’s 240kg kerb weight.

The second and most obvious difference is the lack of any kind of H-D burble from the engine, although that said, it isn’t silent by any means. The bike shrieks towards maximum revs, sounding like a cross between an F15 and a Tie Fighter from the Start Wars films. Launching you toward the next bend with similar light-speed urgency.

For those that genuinely see electric bikes as the future of motorcycling, give the LiveWire a test ride, It’s probably the most complete electric motorcycle currently available. For those that are not full sold on the idea of an all-electric future; you really need to try riding one. The chances are the levels of acceleration this thing can achieve are beyond anything else you have ever ridden.

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