Ducati Multistrada V4 Pikes Peak edition spotted on the road

The Ducati Multistrada V4 Pikes Peak edition has been spied on the road featuring revised suspension, wheels and swingarm

Pikes Peak Mutistrada V4

THE long line of Ducati Multistrada Pikes Peak special edition models looks set to continue, after the latest addition to the family is spotted on the road for the first time.

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The bike has been known about for some time, with the first news of it arriving in the form of EPA documents from the US uncovered last month. Now though we have seen the bike, and it highlights some specific changes for the new model.

We don’t yet know the final spec of the engine, although the EPA documents from last month didn’t highlight any major changes – and previous Pikes Peak edition Ducati’s have stayed close to the donor bike’s original spec.

Where the new machine starts to go off-script is in the chassis department, with the spy shots pointing to a new front wheels size, reported to be 17” (down from 19”) and new Streetfighter V4 spec radially mounted calipers.

The purists will also be pleased as the images show the new bike switching back to a single-sided swingarm, something that was sadly missed from the 2020 Multistrada V4 model. It’s also assumed that the new model will be shod with retuned suspension to match its sportier connotations.

Bikes are no longer allowed to run in the iconic Pikes Peak hill climb, with the death of Ducati racer Carlin Dunn in 2019 bringing down the curtain on two-wheeled entries in the event. Dunn was riding a specially prepared Ducati Streetfighter V4 at the time of the crash, just metres from the finish line.