Ducati 'Be The Wildest' Teaser: New Scrambler on the way? We find out March 10th

Let's hope our dreams aren't Scrambled. Be The Wildest presentation from Ducati is the 10th of March, 6pm GMT. Is a new scrambler going to be unveiled?


DUCATI is looking to add some new flair to their 2021 model year lineup, and have given us a teaser asking us ‘Is the wilderness your natural habitat?’. We find out what’s new at 6 pm GMT on the 10th of March. 

So what exactly are they planning to unveil? Could it be a Euro 5 Desert Sled? Well, that already exists - all bikes in the Ducati Scrambler family are Euro 5 compliant. Perhaps it’s a new scrambler entirely? There’s quite a few already, so what’s one more…

The Scrambler Nightshift and Scrambler 1100 Pro & Sport Pro, and 1100 Dark Pro are the latest additions to the lineup.

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With all of the fingers from the teaser pointing to ‘Wilderness’ and everything off-the-beaten-track,  I can only imagine this will be something truly ‘scrambler’ related. Eyes instantly go over to the Desert Sled, which is their distinguished knobbly-tyre option.

Up on top of the wishlist for some is a new Scrambler without the Desmodronic actuation, one that may follow the Multistrada V4 S with more conventional spring-operated valves.

This would mean a much longer service interval is possible, quoted at 36,000 miles before the clearances need checking on the Multistrada V4 S. Handy if you're really looking for longterm reliability in a Scramber.

But, perhaps this is just an update to the Desert Sled to make it even more off-road optimised, with longer-travel suspension and more off-road accessories for riders who’d spend more time off roads than on them. Plus a new paint scheme, as is customary for new variants. 

The only sticking point here is whether those off-road focused riders are inherently interested in Ducati Scrambler models. Either way, we’ll find out on the Scrambler Ducati website on March 10th at 6 pm GMT. See you there (virtually)!