Does the VOI concept spell the end of congestion?

New concept scooter enables you to cook a fry-up on the way into work. Possibly.

GERMAN engineering students have revealed this two-wheel taxi cab that they reckon could be the future for congest cities.

Called the VOI Concept, it has been developed by Technische Universitat Muenchen in cooperation with Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University.

The team behind the concept claim it is as agile and affordable as a scooter but with the comfort of a car. The rider sits on the back and rides it like a scooter and the passenger sits in the cabin in the front. The cabin offers additional rigidity and stiffness to the chassis while also providing additional passenger protection.

The electrically-powered vehicle has a range of 50-miles with a top speed of 30mph. The modular front pod can be swapped for a cargo box or even a mobile kitchen.

Except to see Londoners riding to work while cooking a fry-up sometime in 2015. It's the future!