'Half-faired Inazuma' revealed

GW250S adds a dash of wind protection to the GW250 Inazuma

SUZUKI unveiled the GW250S at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition yesterday.

The faired Inazuma is basically the same as the police-spec version of the bike (the GW250J) which was launched last September, but shorn of its flashing lights, panniers and top-box.

Essentially a half-faired GW250, which in Europe is known as the Inazuma, the GW250S, like the GW250, will be produced in China by Changzhou Haojue Suzuki Motorcycle Co. The addition of a half fairing isn’t likely to win many beauty contests.

We spoke to Suzuki UK this morning, who state that availability in the UK is to be confirmed but seeing as the Inazuma suits Europe’s new A2 licence class, there’s got to be a good chance of it.

If available in the UK, the GW250S would add another option to the growing small capacity market, which has seen the addition of Kawasaki's Ninja 250 and 300, Honda's CBR250 and Suzuki's Inazuma in recent years.