Updated 2021 Suzuki Burgman 400 | Euro 5 maxi-scooter with lots of changes

Comprehensive updates for the 2021 Suzuki Burgman 400, with Euro 5 engine updates, new traction control system, new ABS unit, and more!

Suzuki Burgman 400 new for 2021

SUZUKI has updated their Burgman 400 scooter for 2021, boasting comprehensive updates to take the popular maxi-scooter into the 'new normal' of the Euro 5 world.

Initially launched in 1998, the Burgman 400 has really set the pace for larger displacement maxi-scooters in the market, proving to be one of the leading maxi-scooters over its time - fantastically popular in both the UK and Europe. 

Perhaps this is the maxi-scooter for you?

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With previous updates in 2006 and 2018, this latest model version is now Euro 5 compliant with traction control, Suzuki’s Easy Start System, updated instrument cluster, new ABS unit and a few important changes to the engine. 

Suzuki Burgman 400cc engine updates

Let’s cover the engine updates first. The revised 400cc single-cylinder engine now produces balanced low to midrange torque with improved throttle control and stronger power delivery. This is thanks to a new twin-plug cylinder head, with simultaneous ignition timing, increased combustion efficiency and revised cam profiles and altered injectors from 16-hole to 10-hole. 

Adjusted timing also gives the bonus of easier engine startup, a stable idle, and (allegedly) an increased top speed, yet at the same time improving fuel consumption. Euro 5 compliancy has brought in a new catalytic converter, to further purify exhaust gases, which we'll all be happy to hear about! 

That easier engine startup is billed as Suzuki’s Easy Start System, which will now require just a ‘brush of the starter button’ as opposed to holding the button down - handy if you find yourself frustrated at the thought of holding the button for extended periods of time in a day of scooting around.

One of the biggest changes for the Burgman is the traction control system, which benefits riding in slippery conditions and pulling away quickly from a stop - something is gonna have to tame those ponies! Stopping is assisted with a new, lighter (-36g) ABS unit, too.

Continuing the rider practicalities theme, underseat storage is 42 litres, plus 6.3 litres in the front compartment, with the right hand side housing a 12V socket for a device to be powered/charged. 

The Burgman will be as comfy as ever, with cutaway footboards, plush seat with adjustable lumbar support, and superb nighttime visibility with LED running lights, headlights and taillights. 

The updated Burgman 400 will be available from authorised Suzuki dealerships in the summer (September on the Suzuki site), coming in matte silver, matte black, iron grey - all with blue rims. Price is yet to be confirmed for the UK, but the 2020 model is currently listed as £6,599 - so we'd expect it to be leaning towards the £7k mark.