Aprilia reveals exclusive RSV4 RF LE – with wings

Only 125 of these bewinged RSV4 RF LEs will be constructed by Noale

Aprilia RSV4 LE limited edition

Aprilia has released details of its very limited edition RSV4 RF LE which will come out of the Noale factory with a set of Claire Rayners on either side.

Powered by the 201bhp, 1,000cc 65° V4 engine found in Eugene Laverty's WorldSBK charger, the LF comes in the traditional Tricolore under which Loris Reggiani rode in 1987 to achieve the first of Aprilia's 294 world championship wins in GP racing. 

These are graphics that have by now become an icon in Aprilia's sporting history, with the big A enveloping the side fairings, often used to distinguish race-reps and now used as a a trademark for the Factory Works program. 

But the most intriuging thing about it is the aero package bolted on to the fairings. This is technology developed by Aprilia Racing directly on the RS-GP prototype used in MotoGP and which, for the first time ever, is now also available for the road bike.

Only 125 of these mofos are available, so it isn't a way for Aprilia to circumvent WorldSBK homologation rules, and you can only buy it in Merica. Where its slightly ostentatious, showy nature will in no way confirm certain sterotypes held about that country. No sirree.