Get your little 'un some new wheels, father

If you've got a little herbert in the house, then this could be the path to glory...

Get your little 'un some new wheels, father

Husqvarna has unveiled updated-for-2019 TC 50, TC 65 and TC 85 motocross models, a complete line-up of three two-stroke junior motorcycles that combine premium technology with top-end componentry to offer young riders one of the most advanced mini motocross range currently available.

TC 50

Offering the same striking looks and ergonomic feel as Husqvarna’s full-sized motocross machines, the new TC 50 is perfect for the motocross stars of tomorrow. Featuring superior quality components, the TC 50 has been designed from the ground up in order to be a true premium 50cc motocross bike.

The TC 50 is built around an advanced steel frame, which houses the most powerful engine in its category. Featuring the latest in two-stroke technology, the engine makes use of a three-shaft design for improved centralisation of masses.

The exhaust is specifically designed to match the characteristics of the two- stroke powerplant. The engine is fitted with an automatic centrifugal clutch that reduces riding complexity for younger riders.

TC 65

The new TC 65 offers young motocross fans the chance to experience a full race bike with a hydraulic clutch and a manual gearbox, possibly for the first time in their riding careers.

Featuring premium components as standard, the TC 65 offers exactly the same quality as that found on Husqvarna’s larger motocross machines.

Highly competitive in the 65 cc class, the TC 65 engine is built using the lightest and most durable materials. Featuring the latest in two-stroke technology, it has a pressure-controlled exhaust valve which helps obtain top level performance. Additionally, the engine features a manual 6-speed transmission and hydraulic clutch allowing the rider to have full control of the power delivery.

TC 85

Combining the latest in chassis technology with state of the art WP suspension, the 2019 Husqvarna TC85 offers young mini riders the chance to push their limits with confidence.

Setting the benchmark in the class, the TC 85 two-stroke engine combines top level performance with optimum reliability. The cylinder is designed around an innovative power valve system that significantly enhances power, torque and controllability.

Key to the engine is an innovative power valve which allows power delivery to be tailored simply and effectively. The six-speed gearbox and Formula hydraulic diaphragm spring clutch allow for the power to be correctly delivered across the RPM range.