Aprilia eSR1 electric scooter makes its official debut

NEWSFLASH – The Aprilia eSR1 ‘scooter’ is absolutely nothing like we had hoped or expected


IN Noale today, the wraps have been pulled off the latest powered two-wheeler in the form of the Aprilia eSR1.

We first reported on this machine at the beginning of the month, and we had high hopes for the model, high hopes that have sadly been dashed with the release of the official images.

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The Aprilia eSR1 is, in fact, an electric micro scooter. You know, the kind that it is illegal to ride anywhere other than on private ground in the UK.

Okay, so, I’m trying to remain positive here. Let’s take a look at the specs of the thing. It’s powered by a 350W brushless motor that is fed from a 280Wh removable battery pack. That’s a neat touch and one that is becoming commonplace in electric bikes and full-size scooters as it allows charging in the home or office. So the electronics and power of the Aprilia seem fairly high-spec, with this model boasting a claimed range of around 18 miles on a single charge, and that’s a lot of laps around your garden.

The frame of the thing is magnesium alloy with chunky looking 10” wheels at each end. It features a regenerative braking system mounted in the motor – inside the front wheel, and a cable-operated single disc at the rear.

There’s no confirmation as to whether the scooter will make it to the UK, we’re thinking because of the more prohibitive laws around the machine we have over here, it’s highly unlikely. On the continent though, they go mad for these things, and they are already appearing in Aprilia dealers across Europe. They are also reported to be available in selected electronics stores with an RRP of €659.

I’d still have preferred an electric version of SR125.