Metzeler Offroad Park antics in HD

Team Enduro Seven are back with more moto-vation

BACK in January, we brought you the ultimate in enduro moto-vation...

And now the riders behind that epic clip - Team Enduro Seven - have one-upped themselves with this awesome video, shot by DIE 7. ART Filmkunst at Metzeler Offroad Park in Italy.

'The Metzeler Offroad park was calling, so we packed our enduro bikes, took our cameras and met up with the guys from the Morlinus Youtube channel, Die 7. Filmkunst (D7A) and the chief inspector from Highenduroend “Wanja” in Italy, to film our enduro Italy moto style,' they explain in the video decription. 

Just check out that amazing scenery and those incredible action shots! And keep an eye out for the second video of the series, coming soon!