This video will make you want to drop everything and ride

We can't get enough of this enduro moto-vation

IT'S NOT even hump day and already we're itching for the wheelie weekend. 

And watching moto-vational videos like this definitely isn't helping...

With stunts by 'Team Enduro Seven', and filmed by DIE 7. ART Filmkunst, this 3-minute clip is enough to make you want to drop everything and ride dirt all day - it certainly does us! 

Aboard a KTM EXC 250 F and a EXC 350 F, the two riders hoon across the dark soil, their orange machines standing out dramatically. 

Admit it, who's jealous?


I live abroad and do this (and much more) every weekend. 200Km loops of prime off-road are possible. Growing up in the South East of the UK we would ride the woods and quarries, but these days it seems it's anti social, illegal and there are just not the places to ride... even on a plated enduro. Anybody got any suggestions for an area that is not tiny, legal and offers enduro thrills?

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