KTM reveals details of SX-E 3 off-road kids minibike

KTM has revealed the details of its recently-announced SX-E 3 electric minibike, with 3.8kW, a 70-minute charge time, and two-hour ride time per charge.

KTM SX-E 3 ridden on dirt track

KTM has released details of the new SX-E 3 electric minibike that was first announced back in July. 

KTM has had a strong presence in the electric mini-dirt-bike sector in recent years, including through the Husqvarna and GasGas brands. 

KTM AG announced back in July that a new electric mini-dirt-bike would be coming to its brands’ ranges this year with a 3kW version being introduced. 

For KTM, this is the SX-E 3, and adds an extra step between balance bikes and the 5kW SX-E 5. 

Strictly speaking, the SX-E 3 produces 3.8kW, with a 0.648kWh capacity thanks to 60 lithium-ion battery cells. Combined with a 48-volt configuration, KTM says the SX-E 3 can achieve a two-hour ride time between charges. Charging is done via a 900W external charger, which can charge the battery from flat-to-full in 70 minutes. 

Away from the engine, we find a 35mm, non-adjustable, front fork from WP. Specifically, it is from WP’s XACT range, and it provides 144mm of front wheel travel. At the back, there is a monoshock, also form WP, of course, which is mounted directly to the swingarm and offers 133mm of wheel travel. 

The suspension on both ends is connected to a 10-inch wheel (black-anodized), which feature Maxxis MX-ST tyres. 

The seat height of the bike is adjustable. From the stock height of 600mm, it can be lowered to 555mm “by lowering the bodywork/seat, mounting the rear shock in an alternative position, and lowering the front fork in the triple clamps,” according to KTM.

On the safety side of things, the motor will be cut in case of a crash thanks to a roll-over sensor. Additionally, a lanyard key worn by the rider will cause the power to be cut “in the event of an unforeseen riding scenario,” KTM says. 

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