KTM announce electric 50cc E-Mini

The E-Mini will be KTM's second electric motocross bike

KTM announce electric 50cc E-Mini

IN a committed move towards the future of e-mobility, KTM have announced a small electric off-road bike, which could eventually replace the 50cc combustion model.

The ‘E-Mini’, as it will be called, is due to begin production as early as 2019, with sales following the year after. However, Jochi Sauer, KTM’s off-road product manager at KTM told journalists that testing of the competition model began two years ago, with the son of a well-known racer achieving a two-second faster motocross lap time on the electric model than his 50 SX.

In a press conference on Wednesday it was announced that the E-mini would replace the 50cc combustion engine, but Sauer backtracked yesterday, claiming a translation issue resulted in the misunderstanding and that there are no plans to phase the 50cc model out.

But with KTM becoming more and more committed to an electric future, it’s likely that the original statement will sooner or later come to fruition.