KTM launches 2018 Freeride E-XC

The Austrian manufacturer revealed the bike at an elaborate event last night

KTM launches 2018 Freeride E-XC

KTM last night pulled the wraps off its 2018 Freeride E-XC.

The model boasts a new KTM PowerPack with a 50% capacity increase on the previous, first-gen Freeride E-XC. According to KTM engineers this equates to an extra 30 minutes of range, allowing for one-and-a-half hours of riding time.

There are three riding modes: Enduro, Cross and Economy, with the latter promising up to a further half an hour of charge thanks to energy recuperation. An improved charge time over the previous model and easier battery swap is also seen.

Meanwhile, peak power has been increased to 24hp, while the bike remains CBT and A1 compliant. It makes 30lbft from zero revs and weighs only 111kg.

It's got a new chassis plus a new WP Xplor 43 upside-down fork and WP PDS shock.

Visordown filmed a live-stream of the presentation of the new model in Salzburg, Austria, last night, which you can watch below.

KTM CEO Stefan Pierer said: “We are proud to present the new KTM FREERIDE E-XC, which marks the next step in development of e-mobility within KTM and is a continuation of our commitment to this segment.

"We know that e-mobility will change the landscape of travel in the future, and our vision is very clear. Looking ahead to 2025 we expect to have a wider range of models available with a focus in the commuting arena.

"We also plan crossover machines with our collaboration with PEXCO, as well as using our e-mobility expertise in other applications.”