Want to own this stunning and rare Lotus C-01?

Are you in the market for a retro-modern Tron-style motorbike dripping in desirability... well, you are in luck!

Lotus C-01

With a future-forward look borrowed straight out of the Tron movie franchise and wearing a badge more famous for its four-wheel exploits than those on two, the Lotus C-01 is certainly a curious beast.

It’s also exclusive. Only 100 Lotus C-01s were ever manufactured and even then only two are reportedly in known existence.

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This is one of them though… and it’s going up for auction if you want to own a very stylish curio of motorcycle history.

First to bring you up to speed on some details:

Designed by Daniel Simon – the artistic mind that, appropriately enough, penned the lightcycles as graphically generated in Disney’s Tron: Legacy movie – the Lotus C-01 was exotic on the surface if somewhat mainstream under its svelte and achingly desirable contemporary-retro lines.

Manufactured by Kodewa under license from Group Lotus, the chassis itself has been created by German firm Kalex, mated to a 200HP tuned version of the 75-degree 1195ccV-twin Rotax motor as used in the KTM RC8R Superbike.

Over the top comes a carbon fibre monocoque which bears hallmarks of historic Lotus' from decades gone by, the most notable being the Lotus 49, and adds Ohlins suspension, Brembo brakes and 19/17-inch bespoke wheels built by BST.

Drenched in a livery harking to iconic red, white and blue Martini decals, the Lotus C-01 is a work-of-art can cut a dash as a static display in a museum as desirably as it would cruising the boulevards.

The bike is being present for auction at the Mecum Monterey 2019 event on August 17. It has no estimate or reserve, so it is anyone’s guess as to whether there is either interest or if it has appreciated. Click here for more information

Given few know much about 98 of the other Lotus C-01’s, it could well be something of an investment for one lucky (foolhardy) enthusiast.

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