These are all of the petrol vehicle ban deadlines… so far

Will the motorcycle industry be ready for petrol vehicle bans?

The electric revolution is coming and potentially sooner than you think… Ireland has become the latest country to bring forward its plans to ban the sale of petrol vehicles, setting the deadline at 2030.

It’s a bold move but one that has been necessitated by Ireland’s years of heading in the wrong direction when it comes to reining in its climate change goals.

However, while green advances in the four-wheel and public transport industry can be measured in leaps rather than steps – enough to make any emissions rescheduling a difficult yet still plausible achievement -the motorbike industry still has some catching up to do.

Indeed, with the UK considering bringing that deadline forward in part to do its bit for the environment and to bring it into line with London, which is targeting 2030.

Whilst there remains grey areas as to the definition of said bans, specifically if ‘fossil-fuel vehicles’ stretches to motorbikes, it’s reasonable to assume that the industry will be looped in with its four-wheel counterparts at some stage, if not immediately.

In the words of the Scouts, 'Always Be Prepared' so here are the current deadlines being targeted by nations around the world - and if you live in Costa Rica, you may want to begin making plans! 

Country Deadline Selectivity
CHINA TBA New vehicle sales
COSTA RICA 2021 All vehicles
 DENMARK 2030 New vehicle sales
 FRANCE 2040 New vehicle sales
 INDIA 2030 New vehicle sales
 IRELAND 2030 New vehicle sales
 ISRAEL 2030 Imported vehicles
 NETHERLANDS 2030 New vehicle sales
 NORWAY 2025 New vehicle sales

2040 – ENG, NI, WAL
2032 – SCO

 New vehicle sales
 SRI LANKA 2040 All vehicles
 SWEDEN 2030 New vehicle sales

As for cities in the UK, only Oxford - as well as the aforementioned London - have set a target for a ban with an aggressive target of 2020 in the immediate centre before this spreads out further incrementally. 

CityCountry DeadlineFuelSelectivity
Amsterdam Netherlands 2030Gasoline or DieselAll vehicles
Athens Greece 2025DieselAll vehicles
Auckland New Zealand 2030Gasoline or DieselAll vehicles, electric buses by 2025
Barcelona Spain 2030Gasoline or DieselAll vehicles, electric buses by 2025
British Columbia (State) Canada 2025Gasoline or DieselAll vehicles by 2040, 10% ZEVs by 2025
Brussels Belgium 2030DieselAll vehicles
Cape Town South Africa 2030Gasoline or DieselAll vehicles, electric buses by 2025
Copenhagen Denmark 2030Gasoline or DieselAll vehicles, electric buses by 2025
Hainan China 2030Gasoline or DieselAll vehicles
Heidelberg Germany 2030Gasoline or DieselAll vehicles, electric buses by 2025
London United Kingdom 2030Gasoline or DieselAll vehicles, electric buses by 2025
Los Angeles United States 2030Gasoline or DieselAll vehicles, electric buses by 2025
Madrid Spain 2025DieselAll vehicles
Mexico City Mexico 2025DieselAll vehicles
Milan Italy 2030Gasoline or DieselAll vehicles, electric buses by 2025
Oxford United Kingdom 2020−35Gasoline or DieselAll vehicles (initially during daytime hours on six streets)
Paris France 2025DieselAll vehicles
Quito Ecuador 2030Gasoline or DieselAll vehicles, electric buses by 2025
Rome Italy 2024DieselAll vehicles
Seattle United States 2030Gasoline or DieselAll vehicles, electric buses by 2025
Vancouver Canada 2030Gasoline or DieselAll vehicles, electric buses by 2025


Thank Christ I'll be long gone by the time this becomes law

Europe has let the EU lead it to insanity. Most of these will never meet those deadlines, so they'll just tax you more as a 'penalty'. It's called bait and switch.

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, more than 14 countries and over 20 cities around the world have proposed banning the sale of passenger vehicles powered by fossil fuels such as ... Norway, 2017, 2025 (tax and usage incentives), Gasoline or diesel, All cars. Singapore ... "These countries are banning gas-powered vehicles by 2040".

Testimony at all the public hearings indicated that measures of this type ... Consequently , use of the selective vehicle ban was rejected as a strategy . ... from gasoline - powered trucks are regulated far less stringently than those from

These countries are gearing up to replace petrol and diesel cars. ... A worker fills the car as people queue and wait in their cars at a Total ... The Netherlands wants all new cars to be emissions free by 2030 - effectively banning petrol and diesel ... Previous studies predicted fish would be far more resilient.

reduction in heavy duty vehicle emis. sions by banning all but specifically ... pound, GVW) and heavy duty vehicles, as proposed by the State of Maryland and the ... Air/Fuel Retrofit of Heavy Duty Gasoline Powered Vehicles (greater than 10,- 000 ... that will result from the application of these regulations to mobile sources.

The ban on new petrol and diesel cars sold in Britain due in 2040 could be ... country, he said the Government will 'look again' at the current 2040 deadline. ... 'As you may know, we've already committed to ending the sale of new ... would need to do far more to sweeten the electric-car deal for drivers if they ...

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