Motorcycle sales are already riding high in Q1 2022

January sales data released by the MCIA has shown tremendous growth, with the L-Category motorcycle and adventure sector shining brightest

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THE door has only just closed on January 2022 and already it’s proving to have been a very strong start to the year for the UK motorcycle sector.

Compared to this time last year (when the UK was still in a partial lockdown), the MCIA has seen new motorbike registrations rocket, with the L-Category and adventure sectors doing much of the heavy lifting.

L-Category bikes, the collective name for lightweight motorcycles and scooters either electric or petrol – are now sitting at a higher level than they were pre-pandemic, going some way to proving that for many commuters, two-wheels is a more favourable option than simply taking public transport.

While the uptake in L-Category machines is a sign of the changing times, and also a sign that many new riders are looking at motorcycles as a preferred method of transport, the highly popular adventure segment has also seen exceptionally strong growth. MCIA sales data for January 2022 shows a massive 160% increase in new motorcycle registrations – compared with January 2021.

Speaking of the good news, Tony Campbell, CEO of MCIA said:

“After a very positive response from Government and Industry to the launch of the joint Government & MCIA Action Plan last week, we are delighted to see an encouraging start to 2022. This positive trend, alongside the increase in appetite for Motorcycles & Scooters across all sectors, highlights the versatility of Powered Light Vehicles for everyday travel and leisure”.

Hopefully, this eye-opening data from the earliest part of 2022 will help to show those in power that while electrification is part of the future of the motorcycle story, it is not yet the complete picture. Petrol motorcycles offer a level of convenience and involvement that is sometimes missing from electric motorcycle ownership.

That’s something that some people could do with remembering.

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