Motorcycle Lobby Groups Pour Coldwater on Governments' Zero Emission Plan

UK motorcycle lobby groups have said they will back the boost of battery motorcycles, but not to the detriment of petrol-powered bikes

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THE UK Government’s Action Plan to zero emissions looks to speed up the uptake of electric Powered Light Vehicles (PLVs) and motorcycles, by providing users with the ‘right vehicle for the right journey’.

The idea it seems is to provide road users with a variety of transport solutions that satisfy a particular need at a particular time. The vehicles to solve this problem are, in the eyes of the government, are two, three, and light four-wheeled, light electrically powered machines.

To help boost the uptake and speed up the rollout of this vision, the plan is being backed by a raft of measures aimed at improving the supply chain for components and spare parts, increasing the knowledge base within the UK (so when the PLVs go wrong they can be fixed), and overhauling L-category legislation to ensure it is fit for purpose.

While that does sound all very good on paper, it does fall short in several areas, with the most obvious being that there already exists a ready-to-ride fleet of low-polluting, easy-to-ride, and economical to purchase PLVs already on the market. While much of the industry is not against getting more bums on seats in the motorcycle sector, that shouldn’t be at the detriment of the petrol-powered bikes already on the market.

Responding to the zero-emissions ‘Action Plan’, BMF political Technical Services Director, Anna Zee said:

“The BMF believes motorcycles, regardless of power source, have much to contribute to transport and we will oppose any efforts to prevent the use of any ICE powered bikes while they are capable of being run. Nor do we want a ban on the manufacture of ICE-powered bikes while they offer a more fuel-efficient mode than most other transport.

“In the foreword to the MCIA’S Action Plan Trudy Harrison says she can’t endorse and commit to everything in the plan; apart from that it might as well be government policy. It may be a good plan for developing battery electric bikes for the market but it is very disappointing that that is all it seems to be about, with no mention of any alternative fuels. It is also a plan which does not recognise what riders want other than pure utility. The plan may encourage new participants in the motorcycle market but I doubt if this is the only route for the existing principal manufacturers.”

Indeed, the Action Plan to Zero Emissions is looking at motorcycles as a simple tool to take people from A to B in a totally utilitarian manner. Bundling bikes in with other forms of commuting around the country such as taxis, buses, and trains. For many riders though, simply looking at a motorcycle as a form of transport is totally missing the point of the activity.

I don’t think anyone got into motorcycles because of how simple to use they are. It seems that this vital point is completely lost on those who inhabit the corridors of power.

To read the full Action Plan to Zero Emissions, head to:

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