Harley-Davidson Pan America sales off to a good start in Milwaukee

American Harley-Davidson dealers report a phenomenal start to Pan America sales, with the newest adventure motorcycle on the market turning heads (for one reason or another). 

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HARLEY-DAVIDSON will be relieved to see Pan America sales in their home market are off to a great start, with dealers essentially saying they are gone as soon as they arrive at the showroom!

As reported by Ride Apart & Milwaukee Business Journal, Pan America units are now ready for sale and dealers are “scrambling” to meet demands, with waiting lists building and deposits being taken.

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This comes after our chance to ride the Pan America at the UK press launch, and we found it to be an extremely capable bike on & off-road (plus Toad could get his feet on the ground thanks to the Adaptive Ride Height feature on the 1250 Special…).

Harley-Davidson Pan America selling well in Milwaukee!

Matt Sheahan, vice president of the Windy City Motorcycle Company in Milwaukee, said:

“They’re shipping them in right now, and they’re heading right back out (to customers)”

Other dealers were filled with praise of the motorcycle - hardly surprising from Harley Dealers - but they’re all singing in the same tune: Todd Berlin said that:

“As a dealer, the big question is where will they (Harley) position it price-wise, when they announced the pricing, it was absolutely where it needed to be.”

Running on the new Revolution Max 1252cc V-twin, the motor can provide up to 150bhp at 8750rpm - but can just as easily be controlled down via rider modes for different riding scenarios. 

It appears the Pan America is off to a good start with the bar & shield faithful, and starting at £14,000 it could prove just as popular across the pond. That’s if people look past the unique styling approach!